Peridium for Windows

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  • Version: 1.3.0

Free point-and-click horror/adventure game for personal computers

Peridium is a point-and-click horror game that displays traditional 16-bit graphics. The user will be required to uncover hidden objects, to solve puzzles and to put together complicated riddles in order to advance to more challenging levels. This game is quite short, so it could be perfect for those who are on the go and still looking to be entertained.

Main Features and Usability

Peridium centers around the experiences of Dr. James Turner and his wife. They had been performing a lengthy scientific study at a base located in Antarctica when something unexpected occurred. It appears as if they had uncovered ancient organisms trapped deep beneath the surface of the ice and slowly, all of his teammates were killed off. The user will have to escape this compound with his wife if he ever hopes to survive. Two different endings are presented and these are dependant upon the actions of the doctor himself.

Additional Options

Peridium is a point-and-click adventure which employs real-life voice actors. This helps to add an extra sense of realism to the overall experience. It is currently available for Windows operating systems as well as for Mac and Linux builds. There is absolutely no charge to download and play this game.


  • An exciting plot with plenty of twists and turns as one progresses.
  • Side-scrolling action with numerous puzzles and objects to discover.


  • Some may find the plot and puzzles entirely too easy to solve.
  • The graphics are 16-bit and therefore
  • they are somewhat dated.


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Peridium 1.3.0 for PC


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